Woulg – Last Time LP

Words by Mat Taylor







Outstanding Track: Blue Shift


This galloping, multi tempo experiment could fall in to the “grey area” category of drum and bass flavoured music, but then again, it could just be another slice of deliciously ambigious electronica. Distant thunder clap kickdrums rumble underneath a droning chord while pizzicato string sounds and a tortured vocal scream duck in and out until the closing crescendo. With experimental electronic music, there’s such a fine line between creating something challenging but engaging and just publically masturbating with sound. For me, this falls just on the right side of the two extremes. Techno fans will appreciate the subtleties and drum and bass lovers will enjoy the chaotic switches between the sublime and the sinister.

The rest:

There are definitely some dark undertones beneath the ambient surface noise of this album. Though it makes for perfect background listening after a night out or perhaps on a lazy afternoon, it’s the sharp, jarring, angular moments that make it what it is. There’s influences from techno, ambient, drum and bass and beyond. There are even occasional bursts of Burial style garage vocals and juxtapositions of light and dark, quiet and loud, that Fuck Buttons would be proud of. I have no idea which subsection of which subgenre this music fits in to and I don’t care much either. What I do know is that it captured my imagination enough to enjoy the whole thing without reaching for the skip button and that’s a rare treat these days.




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