October Event Guide

Words by Matthew Scott

Nova pres. Woz, NYTA, The Menendez Brothers @ WHQ, 1st October.

Good heavens. Where did this one come from? I’ve no idea but let’s just be thankful that it has. On the first day of the tenth month, Nova are hosting what looks like a stormer of a part at WHQ. There are three headliners on show: the first of which is Woz. The not-so-up-and-coming-anymore producer has made serious waves in recent years: and his latest EP with Troy Gunner on Materials is already tipped to be one of the best releases of the year in any genre. Joining him is our old pal Mensah, or the New York Transit Authority, as he’s now known. After spending a few years making skullshaking dubstep, Mensah created the new identity to explore a range of styles at around 125ish bpm, and before long had made ‘Off The Trax’, the VIP of which is one of the most rinsed things in the OHOD vinyl collection. Finally, Deniz and Eniz Mendenez (that’s a lot of z’s) finish the bill. Being honest, I know as much about them as I do 4th century Christian theology, but apparently we can expect a ‘dynamic mashup of house, disco, old skool garage and a healthy dose of hip-hip’, and that sounds just fine to me. Support is provided by Hecha, Pheels, and Alex Ellerby, collectively the Nova residents, and tickets are available from the WHQ site. Should be decent this one!

Audio Asylum pres. Romare b2b Dan Shake @ WHQ, 9th October.

Presumably because they’ve spent most of September either drunk or recovering from being drunk, the Audio Asylum fraternity’s first party of the new academic year isn’t until the second week of October. But fear not, it shall be worth the wait. After expanding the geographical reach of the brand to Dimensions Festival over the summer, they recently announced their return to where it all began with a couple of special ‘b2b’ parties, where they’ll be inviting two selectors to play together for pretty much the entire night. And being Audio Asylum, they haven’t scrimped on selecting the selectors. For the first one, they welcome back Romare after his eclectic live set at the club back in Spring, and he will be joined by Dan Shake, a producer and DJ who has been taken under the wing of none other than Moodymann: something which tells you all you need to know about his ability. Support is provided by one ‘A Scott’. As these are the initials of my dad, there’s a small chance it might be him, and if so you can expect a poorly mixed selection of old rock music from the depths of his rather sizable tape collection. Probably isn’t him though. Anyway, tickets for this are from £6, but the event is limited to 300 tickets to keep the vibe intimate and secluded. So, in other words, if you want one, doze at your peril.

Lively Up 4th Birthday w/ Mungo’s HiFi and Ray Keith @ WHQ, 14th October.

I still remember, four years ago, seeing the moment when Lively Up burst into existence. I can’t remember who they had on that night, but I can remember them setting out a vision of the night as one celebrating the finest soundsystem culture in the UK, and doing so in an inclusive, welcoming, and positive way: good vibes for good people, in other words. Fast forward to now, and it’s obvious that their vision has come to pass. Some of the best parties I’ve been to in recent years have been ones hosted by Lively Up: the raucous General Levy a year or so ago; their mental Boxing Day rave last year where I vaguely remember asking Loki if he had New World Order by Konflict and getting the weirdest look I’ve ever seen as a response; and there’s many, many more. How fitting then that they are celebrating their fourth birthday with more of the same. Enter Mungo’s HiFi and their Alderaan-destroying rig of immense decibels; one of the forefathers of jungle and drum and bass music, Ray Keith; and a cohort of guest MCs who will be taking turns to say some choice words over the power of Mungo’s system. But that’s not all: for the first time they’re opening both rooms, meaning Ray Keith will be getting two hours to spin out upstairs while Mungo’s take over the bottom room all night. What a treat. If you’ve been to even one Lively Up party in their four year history, you’ll know exactly the kind of thing to expect. One Love.

Craft Beer Calling w/ Mr. Scruff @ Boiler Shop Steamer, 25th October.

Mr. Scruff himself has described his association with Craft Beer Calling as “the now almost traditional Sunday session in the Toon, a 5 hour DJ set accompanied by splendid ales, ciders, and food.” And there isn’t much to argue with in that description. Scruffy is one of the best DJs around, end of, and not just for his ability to continue mixing coherently after consuming four hours worth of the aforementioned beer, cider, and food. No, it’s the way that his sets are so lusciously blended to be a delight to the most casual of listeners and the most determined of the dancers. If you want to sit and have a chat with your mates over a pint and a crepe, his selection massages the background of your conversation like a gentle loofer; but if you’re in the mood to move that very same selection is perfect to break out in spontaneous dance to. Aside from the tunes, these things always feature a truly awesome selection of ale: with wor Wylam representing alongside dozens of the country’s finest fermenters. The food is lush too. Tickets for this are 11 squids, and it’s open from 7pm until midnight. Get down early though if you want to make the most of it: it’s always rammed and queues, both to get in and for the bar, can be rather long.

Wooden Room pres. Halloween Rave @ Bar Loco, 30th October.

Hosted by Matty Red and our good pal Gav Dope’ll, The Wooden Room is a weekly drum and bass radio show which appears on the airwaves every Wednesday at 7pm. Or at least it was, but now it’s also a rave that is taking place on the 30th of October at Bar Loco, a rave that promises to hack away at the oversweetened, cloying drum and bass and instead bring some of the good stuff to one of our favourite bars in town. The line-up features Matty Red and Disciple, and also two back to back sets from DJs we know well. Firstly, Taser and Loki will be going toe to toe, and if you were at Lively Up for Dillinja a couple of months ago to see Loki’s set you’ll know exactly what to expect: fast and furious mixing, seamless grotty selection, and rewinds aplenty. Excellent. Secondly, there’s our fellow Newcastle Beats show host Lukey B going b2b with Dope’ll. These two are purveyors of DnB, and have an intimate knowledge of the deeper, techy end of the spectrum. Expect Dispatch Recordings, Dispatch Recordings, and more Dispatch Recordings, with healthy helpings of Headz, Horizons, and the like in there too. Best thing about this though? It’s absolutely free. As it’s a Halloween rave, you may see us dressed up like deformed superheroes having a skank to some Optiv and BTK down the front. See you there.



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