November Event Guide

Words by Matthew Scott

Loop w/ Sidney Charles, Shaun Cowie @ The Cut, 13th November

Loop continue their Friday loopings on that ever unlucky Friday the 13th by bringing yet another German techno DJ to the dimly lit space that is The Cut. This time it’s Hamburg resident Sidney Charles. According to that fountain of DJ backstory knowledge Resident Advisor, Charles began playing hip-hop, soul, and funk at the tender age of 15, before gravitating like many in the late 80s and early 90s did towards house and techno a bit later on. He’s apparently also working on an album with Darius Syrossian, although considering how up to date RA profiles usually are this album may have already been out for years. What you will get for definite though is a DJ who consciously rejects clubs that are ‘fancy’ and who prefers to play in sweaty, dark rooms with bulging dancefloors and bulbous soundsystems. Can’t say fairer than that. Local favourite Shaun Cowie completes the line-up, and tickets are £8 early bird and £12 standard. Get amongst it.

NARC pres. Warm Digits and Flimbee @ Northern Stage, 13th November

If banging techno isn’t your deal though, let me point you towards this quirky little event being held by NARC Magazine down at the charming Northern Stage. Like the last event they did here, it sees an acclaimed musician teaming up with an acclaimed visual and film collective to create what will presumably be some sort of audio-visual extravaganza. The acclaimed musicians in question this time are Warm Digits, who feed krautrock, disco, jazz, and god knows what else through their metaphorical sieve, and they are teaming up with Flimbee, who are a film collective. They will apparently be performing a special film and light show alongside Warm Digits, meaning it’ll be your ocular organ as well as your overhearing one that’ll be stimulated by the show. Support is provided by the bafflingly named Pentecostal Party and the even more bafflingly named Sean Cotterill, whose artist name is so odd it caused Microsoft Word to crash when I tried to paste it into this paragraph. It’s some sort of code, which might explain why. Anyway, tickets are £8 advance and £10 on the door, so if you’re after something a bit more experimental, give this a look. Or even better, go to this at 8pm then head to Loop afterwards to make a proper evening of the unluckiest of Fridays.

Ape-X w/ Midland, Pender Street Steppers @ Cosmic Ballroom, 20th November

Ape-X continue to trundle along doing their own their over in Stowell Street, and in doing so they’ve innocuously conjured up one of the best house bookings we’ve seen for a while. I’m not talking about Midland, who’ll be headlining their show on the 20th of November, but rather Pender Street Steppers. For those of you who don’t know, the Pender Street Steppers are a duo composed of Liam Butler and Jack Jutson, who hail from Vancouver in Canada and who are part of the Mood Hut collective. The Mood Hut label has come out of nowhere to be one of the most revered and respected house labels of the past three years or so, and Pender Street Steppers are responsible for one of its best releases, the excellent ‘The Glass City/Golden Garden’. But that’s not all. Jutson on his own, as Jack J, has released what for me is the best house tune of the past ten years: ‘Something (On My Mind)’. Seriously, if your name is Andres, or Moomin, or whoever, you might as well pack up your gear and go home, because that tune proves Jack J is just leagues ahead. Leagues. Whatever you do, sell your soul, house, children, pets if that’s what it takes to see their set on this night. It’ll be exceptional.

Lively Up w/ Goldie, MC AD @ WHQ, 27th December

‘It’s facking Goldie mate!’ Damn right it’s facking Goldie. All hail both the curator of Metalheadz and the wonderful chaps at Lively Up for booking him. As the head of what for our money is the best drum and bass label ever, Goldie needs little introduction: from his quite aptly named ‘Timeless’ to his more recent forays into orchestras and Eastenders, the man is rightly a legend and an inspiration to so many of the top producers who we now listen to and admire. I mean, who else would go to the House of Lords just so he could whack a Metalheadz sticker somewhere secret? Expect all of the goodness his label has been churning out over the past year or so – Om Unit, SCAR, Artificial Intelligence, Dom & Roland, Jubei, and the rest – combined effortlessly with some of the classics of yesteryear. This is quite possibly the biggest booking Newcastle has seen all year, so your tribute and your homage is pretty much compulsory.

Andy C All Night @ Digital, 4th December

Yes, I know this is in December, but knowing how manic things get as we creep ever closer to Christmas there’s every chance I won’t get round to doing December’s guide until December itself, meaning this might get missed off. Which would be a crime. Drum and bass DJ, founder of Ram Records and all-round ambassador Andy C brings his ‘All Night’ show to the North East for the first time on the 4th of December. He’s been up here before, of course, but the four hours or so he’ll get to play will mean he can dive into everything from the sweet, sugariness of the latest Ram releases to the older, murkier depths of the Ram Trilogy, Origin Unknown, and Desired State back catalogues too. Plus plenty more. Tickets for this are flying out like…well like birds, actually, but I’m told there’s still a decent amount left. Dilate are hosting the terrace too, although I can’t think who would go upstairs to listen to drum and bass when Andy C is playing better drum and bass downstairs. A mystery. Nonetheless, this should be special.




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