Lucio De Rimanez makes his UK debut

Words by Mat Taylor

This is one for the hard crew.

Ever since he released his maniacal sound back in 2008, connoisseurs of hard drum and bass have been baying for more from this illusive producer. He’s been very quiet lately but judging by the fierce mix he put together for Manchester’s EXE recordings, something seems to be stirring over there in the Russian Federation.

Now the excitement levels are reaching fever pitch as the EXE crew have announced that Lucio De Rimanez will be performing at their next big event in November. With only a few releases to his name, every one of them a unique and ferocious collision of balls out, skull cracking hard dnb and twisted electronic madness, Lucio has never, at least to my knowledge, played in the UK. Whether or not he’ll be touring remains to be seen, but we know two things for sure. He’s making music again and in November, he’s coming to England to destroy us all.*

You can listen to his mix here and if you want to catch him live, tickets are available for the next EXE event here.

*There is a chance he may not destroy anybody. I’m just excited. (Ruckuz)



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