Limewax – NYC/Straightest Heath

Words by Mat Taylor


Tech Itch





We all know Limewax can make tunes that destroy planets but when he releases something on the king of the darkness, Tech Itch’s label, you know it’s going to be something special.

NYC is ferocious, uncompromising hard drum and bass that shows Limewax at his best. After short, snappy intro that fades away into a shuffling little segue that builds the tension up to fever pitch, the explosion of kicks, bass and snares hits you like a surprise military assault on a nursing home. This is not subtle and that’s why it’s so brilliant. Like some of his earlier work, the drum work is complicated and bass is so deep it vibrates everything in the room like an earthquake. After the initial, offbeat drop, the breakdown leads is in to a second, thunderous cacophony of straight rolling, techno dnb that is slightly reminiscent of Procket’s atonal anthem Scafandre. This doesn’t long, though and the two step, shuffling thunder resumes on the final part of the track. After his epic, 31 track album, Limewax has been pretty quiet of late, but this proves he’s still out there and still one of the best.

Straightest Heath opens with a filtered, distorted lofi intro that builds up through rumbling bass sounds and a solid, technoid dnb loop that promises utter brutality. When this drops, my god, does it deliver. Appearing on last years incredible Mix from Technical Itch, some people might already be familiar with this track and I for one am glad I now know it’s name and who unleashed it. With a similar, stepping beat to NYC, this is fevered, machine gun terror in musical form. Mechanical, angular sounds permeate the bass and snare pattern giving it depth and clarity and the occasional sirens and imaginative drum fills make this the strongest of the two tracks on this release in my opinion. This style of Drum and Bass is so hard its almost it’s own little subgenre. It’s not quite cross breed and it doesn’t have the same kind of vibe as something like Dom and Roland or Tech Itch himself, it’s pure Limewax. Whether you love it or hate it, there is absolutely nothing out there that sounds like this, other than his own extensive back catalogue of music to horrify your neighbours with.



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