July Event Guide

Words by Matthew Scott

Lively Up presents. Dillinja @ WHQ, 26th June

Yes, this is not in July, but it wasn’t announced when I wrote the June event guide and it absolutely demands inclusion in here somewhere. Lively Up – fresh from having both Congo Natty and Kenny Ken b2b Kenny Ken (sorry…) here in June already – are rounding out the month by bringing up one of the godfathers of drum and bass. The man responsible for ‘Deadly Deep Subs’, ‘Angels Fell’, and ‘Hard Noize’ (amongst countless others) last came to Newcastle about five years ago at Turbulence, if my memory serves me correctly, so it’s safe to say you won’t get another chance to see him up here for quite a while after this. Support is provided on the night by local DJs Loki and Harmonyx. Tickets are 9 squids, not bad at all, and if you need any proof that this will be mint let me direct you to a quote from Goldie. ‘Karl really took drum and bass music and pushed it from every angle.’ A pioneer then, and if you like drum and bass you should probably get down.

Rapture Audio presents. Devilman, Boogieman plus more @ WHQ, 3rd July

I have no idea who Rapture Audio are, but they are putting an event on at WHQ on the 3rd of July that is shaping up to be rather sizable. In a city that is absolutely crying out for more jump up events…they have booked hardhitting grime MC Devilman for what I’m told is his first ever performance in Newcastle, and behind the decks for him will be guest DJ Boogieman, who to be honest I’ve never heard of either. Support is provided by Citrusfly and Degs MC, who I’ve not heard of either, as well as local DJs Blenko and Steadloxx, who I’ve not heard of either. Joking aside, it’s rare you see new nights pop up and establish themselves in Newcastle, and so if you like that gritty, slightly grotty grime/jump up crossover stuff you should probably get down and support this night. It’s something a bit new; something a little bit curious that we’ve not seen before and we can thus react one of two ways: anticipative curiosity or perplexed lampooning. For once, lets react with the former and try and make this one a night to remember.

Razmataz Lorry Excitement Album Launch @ The Northern Stage, 18th July

I challenge you to come up with a more weird name than Razmataz Lorry Excitement. With the possible exception of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, there aren’t any names that I can think of that make you reel as much due to their sheer oddness. But fear not, because the artist behind the name is actually one of the most talented local electronic music musicians we have. This is a collaborative event with the esteemed NARC Magazine to celebrate the upcoming release of his new album, and it’s set to be something a little more than your bog standard ‘man standing on stage with guitar and plug-ins’ style show. The award-winning animators NOVAK Collective will be teaming up with the insanely multi-talented Nathalie Stern and visualist Julie Ballands to create an all-round immersion of the senses: from sights to sounds to tastes and smells. It’s intriguing if nothing else, with its combination of cutting edge technology and simple, good music. Tickets are five quid, and as this is at the Northern Stage you should go down early and eat some of their tapas first. It’s yummy.

Ital Guidance Soundsystem In Session @ The Telegraph, 25th July

After a brief lull, the Ital Guidance Soundsystem return on the 25th of July to shake The Telegraph to its very foundations with their all vinyl interpretation of dub, reggae, dancehall and – more broadly – deep, harrowing sub-bass. Apparently, the last time Ital was at The Telegraph was way back in 2010, when they combined with Instrument of Jah and Stalawatt’s soundsystems to produce an event probably only a couple of HZ short of causing a landslide down the Quayside. And what’s more, as with other Ital events its guaranteed that this will be populated with good people, good vibes, and the sort of peace and love that is required even more thesedays due to that slipperly, smug twat George Osbourne and his austerity measures. Free entry too, so not reason not to get down for a laugh and a boogie.

Loop presents ??? @ The Cut, 31st July

Now, I know who is playing at this, but I’m not telling you, partly because Loop themselves haven’t announced it yet, and partly because…OK, it’s entirely because Loop haven’t announced it yet. But take my word for it when I say the DJ they have lined up is one of the most talented and diverse ‘editors’ in dance music at the moment: taking already good tunes and putting a spin on them that edges them in wonderfully new and different directions. Loop is always class: I went to see Mark Lowry a few weeks ago and was struck by the sheer properness of the music being played. In a time when house music can mean lots of things, a lot of them very, very shit, the Loop crew are still one of the only outfits in the city who continue to push the true, faithful sound of good house music. And did I mention that this event falls on my birthday? No? OK, consider it mentioned, the reason being that if you see me there I expect a rum and coke. Morgan’s Spiced too, not any old rum. I look forward to seeing you first at the bar for a drink, and then second on the dance floor for some grooves.



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