Earl Grey – Headwinds LP

Words by Mat Taylor







Known for his discerning taste, flawless mixing and love for the amen break, Manchester’s Earl Grey has been making a name for himself at events like Rupture, Formless, EXE, Relapse and many more. With a string of releases under his belt, he’s already shown great promise but this album sounds like the work of an experienced producer, way beyond Mr Grey’s 28 years.

Headwinds is an album that sounds best when listened to in full. There are stand out tracks for sure, Banzai Dub and Inner Conflict to name two, but the order of the tracks and the skits in between make this a coherent piece of work that’s somewhere between atmospheric drum and bass and experimental electronica. Squarepusher’s influence can clearly be heard in some of the drum arrangements and the melonchloy musical elements of some of the album tracks will please fans of that wistful, boards of canada sound.

Although it definitely has it’s darker moments, the album doesn’t feel as overtly aggressive as some other amen driven music; it has a distinctive, unusual sound that owes more to autechre and aphex twin than it does to say, Dillinja or Shy FX.

Available now on vinyl and digital formats, this is a release to be savoured in full like a high class tasting menu, not picked at occasionally like an over cooked chicken.



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