Current Value – Live Audio Visual Performance

Words by Mat Taylor

Current Value is pushing things to another level yet again, this time blending his inimitable and ever transforming sound with live visuals. CV/AV is Tim Eliot’s newest incarnation and it promises to be something out of this world. With the halcyon days of saucer eyed clubbers staring at stuff that looked like a 90s screensaver well and truly over, the visual artists of Greenway Studios are here to  help Current Value take club visuals in to a totally new realm.

The press release for this project makes it clear this isn’t just a one off idea, this is something Current Value wants to develop as part of his ever growing reportoire, so expect his sets to incorporate the live visual element from this point onwards. This isn’t just some cool, sci fi looking shit that’s sort of in time with the music, either. This is a purpose built, fully responsive reflection of that incredible, alien sound he does so well. With a new album in the works and already scheduled for release by one the biggest Drum and Bass labels around, there’s seemingly no stopping the CV bullet train at the moment. Having delved in to the world of actually writing algorythms and programming synths while making his music, it’s no surprise that Mr Value looks set  to push the boundaries of drum and bass performance further than ever.

Check out the teasers below for a taste of what to expect.

CV/AV is coming.

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