#036 – Six Sunsets

This month’s guest mix is fucking shite. No, seriously, even Six Sunsets would tell you it is. The duo have flitted onto the radars of many in recent months, including our own, with their inventive blending of grime, dubstep, garage, and shiteness finding its way onto a well received FKOF release. In their mix they go deep, deep into the roots of classic dubstep and grime, and in our interview we talk festivals, dubplates, and the small matter of Coki playing their tune. Enjoy!

Gentlemen…good evening! Such a pleasure to have you back with us. Are you well?

Jake: Splendid.

Luke: I’m grand thanks!

When we last spoke you’d just had your first EP released on FatKidOnFire. Now a few months have passed, how do you feel about it looking back, and are you pleased with how it was received?

J: Absolutely – the feedback and opportunities that have arisen from the first EP have been fantastic, I can guarantee that we wouldn’t be where we are at the moment without that release.

L: Couldn’t agree more. It’s definitely given us a huge boost in helping to establish ourselves – since the release we’ve had plays on Sub FM by the likes of Sinerise, Raggs, ENME, Conscious Pilot, Heavy Traffic and Lojt, alongside plays on BBC Newcastle and Reprezent Radio. Good times!

What have you guys been up to since then? Hard at work in the studio?

J: Working on the next EP, playing a few shows here and there, spending money that I don’t really have on new gear and records!

L: Aye lots of beatmaking. Other than that I’ve just been chilling down in Cornwall over summer seeing mates and that – it’s been sick.

We’ve caught glimpses of a few new bits floating around on dubplate lately; a very garage influenced VIP of Guestlist amongst them. The thing is though, your dubplates are actual dubplates, not just MP3s. What do dubs and vinyl mean to you guys, and where do you stand on this ever tedious vinyl/digital debate?

J: Hahahaaa, dubplates for days! For me, audio quality and reliability aside, I enjoy having a physical product – it feels a lot more real for me to have a tune that I can hold, and means that I put a lot more effort into perfecting the productions if we’re paying to have them cut to dubs.

L: Yeah that’s it – I love having music as a physical product. One thing I also particularly like about vinyl is that the lack of a cue or waveform forces you to get to know your tunes inside out if you’re gonna mix them well, and that’s definitely improved my mixing in the long run. I’m easy with either really though, as a considerable amount of tunes in my collection are burnt to CD.

Might any of these dubplates be seeing a release soon, and if not, what sort of shows and podcasts might we hear them in?

J: Well…maybe there is…maybe there isn’t – not sure if we will have made our announcement yet when this is published, but there is an announcement coming!

L: Aye! In the meantime, we’ve included a few of these plates in our mix, and they’ve done the rounds a little bit on Sub FM.

We also heard a certain member of DMZ gave one of your tunes a spin a while ago, congrats! Tell us a bit about that…

J: It was unreal, definitely unexpected. We took a few USBs down with us to SubDub in Leeds, just to hand to the DJs, try and spread the music a bit more – anyway, around 3am, Coki just taps me on the shoulder, and I notice that our USB is sticking out of one of the CDJs, he literally asks me which one he should play. Anyway, he dropped Guestlist, then my memory goes a bit hazy – apparently I was found hyperventilating outside or something.

L: I WAS TAKING A SHIT. I’d been trying to hold back an inevitable poo all night because I didn’t wanna miss anything but it eventually got too much. I ran to the toilets by the DnB room and got a text from Jake about it whilst I was unleashing the old dog of war. Next thing I found him in the smoking area hyperventilating like “DUDE…*heavy breathing* YOU HAVE NO IDEA… *more heavy breathing* WHAT JUST HAPPENED”. Hahahaha

And speaking of DMZ…you chaps made the trip down to London to their birthday. How was it?

J: Yeahhh, I made it down with Acetate and a couple other friends of ours – we all got too hammered way too quickly, I woke up on a sofa at about 4am just as The Goat Stare was dropping, and when I thought the bassline was going to make me ill, I felt it was probably about time to make tracks. But it was mental otherwise, there was an extremely emotional tribute to The Spaceape, that was probably my personal highlight.

L: I was graduating that day, so was up in Newcastle. Heard it was sick though!

You mentioned briefly about performing at festivals over summer, including Boomtown. How was that, and where else have you chaps being DJing over the late three or four months or so?

J: Boomtown was nuts! We only had a little tent to fill out, and fill it out we did! The support from everyone who showed up was crazy, especially from those who hadn’t seen us before. Other than that, we hit up the Phaked Soundsystem stage at Ethos Festival back in July which was a good laugh, absolutely letting loose on a huge Void system in a little field for 2 hours. Good times!

L: Yeah Boomtown was mental – we got to play the Boomtown Bobbies police station venue in the Old Town district. People were going nuts in there: we even had some guy hanging upside down climbing the fence in front of the stage and the whole thing was bending at one point! Other than Ethos, we closed some of the end-of-term summer parties at Cosmic for Ill Behaviour! And Summer Sessions – those were a great laugh!

Now, as is well known in the North East (and beyond, now, we hear…), Six Sunsets are fucking shite. We’ve seen those stickers plastered absolutely everywhere, but on a serious level, they’re very memorable, probably because they’re so self-derogatory! How did you come up with the hashtag and what was the idea behind it?

J: I think we were joking about it when we were pissed back when the Six Sunsets thing all initially came about, then shook hands on making it our slogan, making sure that we had a witness so we couldn’t back out later. We tend to do that kind of thing a lot, it’s probably not healthy.

L: Yeah so much of our stuff starts out as a laugh. That ‘She’s Alright’ tune on the FKOF EP is a prime example with the Rick James ‘Superfreak’ vocals!

What tasty new vinyl have you picked up so far this year?

J: Too much – I’ve been stocking up on a lot of the new releases like the massive Kahn, Commodo and Gantz collaboration and bits from newer labels like Banana Stand Sound. All the money’s really been spent on older stuff for me recently though – Midnight Request Line and DMZ006 arrived in the post last week, and some of the more elusive bits I’ve finally been able to find like Cotti – The Legacy, Skeptical – Echo Dub and the Dub Versions of Fat Freddy’s Drop’s track ‘Cays Crays’ (including THAT Digital Mystikz remix!)

L: I found a pretty sweet sweet Garage white label alongside a 140 Jungle 12″ by Aphrodite called “All Over Me” at a free records giveaway not too long ago – absolute steal! I’ve also recently invested in TQD – Day & Night, Royal T’s Shotta EP and some old wobbly bits from the Soulja label.

And where can we catch you spinning some of this vinyl in the upcoming months?

J: We’re hosting our first ever ‘Six Sunsets & Friends’ lineup in the second room at World HQ when DJ EZ comes to town at the start of November – other than that, we’re quietly focusing on the upcoming announcement, but gigs tend to crop up here and there, especially once the term gets going again for all the universities!

L: Yeah I’m so excited for the takeover at EZ! No other bookings to announce for the time-being though. As Jake said, we’re currently focusing on something very exciting to be unveiled soon!

Last time we just chatted, but now you’re doing us a mix. Tell us, how did you go about constructing this mix for us?

J: The same way we do with most things – completely on a whim with no real plan in mind! The idea was starting out with a deeper set vibe and then build it up to a particularly heavy end – we’ve finished on a major remix of our track ‘Guestlist’ which hasn’t been heard before, so you guys have a cheeky exclusive on your hands there!

L: Yeah pretty much – we had a few failed attempts with no direction in mind last week and then just settled today on building it up over the set.

Very lastly, as you know we adore the random questions…say you were playing Charades, but with cheeses, like they do in Men Behaving Badly. Jake, how would you Charade Blue Stilton, and Luke, how would you Charade Edam?

J: I’d shit on the floor and smell it. I think the face I’d make would be all you need really.

L: That’s a tough one. I think I’d just lie down on a chopping board on the floor and hope people start shouting types of cheese at me. Probably a lengthy process ahaha.

Hahah inventive as always! In Men Behaving Badly they curl up into a ball and throw a red cloth on their heads to represent the wax for Edam…but anyways. Big ups as always guys, and thanks so much for the mix. As always, get your shout outs in here and we’ll no doubt catch up with you again in WHQ sometime soon!

J: Excellent, catch you guys soon!

L: Safe guys! Big ups to the Exit North-East crew for getting us supporting Wen earlier this month, and shouts to all involved with Pirate Material and Lively Up!


ASBO (Loefah & Sgt. Pokes) – All Soundbwoy Out [ASBO]
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix) [Kartel]
Tes La Rok – Livin Fire [Dub Police]
Benga & Coki – Night [Tempa]
Six Sunsets – Elegy Dub [Forthcoming 11/15]
Nomine – Blind Man [Tempa]
Compa – East [Self-Released]
Darqwan – As We Enta [Soulja]
DJ Pied Piper – Do You Really Like It? (Sovereign Remix) [Soul Food Recordings]
J:Kenzo – Let It Move [RKS]
Celladore – Power To The People [Riddler Records]
Six Sunsets – She’s Alright [FatKidOnFire]
Cotti & Cluekid – The Legacy [-30 Recordings]
Ishan Sound – Namkha (Kahn Remix) [Tectonic]
Easy Star All-Stars – Money (Alchemist Remix) [Easy Star Records]
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Hire & Removal Refix (Six Sunsets Bootleg) [Dub]
Gantz – Spry Sinister [Deep Medi Musik]
Six Sunsets – Fever Skank [Forthcoming 11/15]
Joker – Tron [Kapsize]
Deadbeat – Chicago 6AM [Chip Butty Records]
Kahn, Commodo & Gantz – AMK [Deep Medi Musik]
Jakes – Rhythm [H.E.N.C.H]
Flava D – War Dub 3 [Self-Released]
Benga – Drumz West [Tempa]
Tunnidge – Dark Skies [Deep Medi Musik]
Cluekid – The Sound [Aquatic Lab]
Coki – Red Eye [Big Apple Records]
DJ Wolly B vs Topcat – Mind, Body & Soul [???]
Lington – Bounty [White Peach Records]
Six Sunsets – Guestlist VIP [Dub]
Six Sunsets – Guestlist (Ben Woolsey Remix) [Dub]

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