#037 – Acetate

As our guest mix series approaches the life beginning 40, we press on with a mix which is highly likely to send those icy winter chills shooting down your veins while your ribcage contracts with bass driven frostbite. We are proud to finally welcome Acetate to our happy family with a proper, proper mix of proper, proper bass. In our interview we chat records, innovation in the dubstep scene, and precisely why coriander is the food of the devil. Enjoy!

Hello mate, it’s been some time. How are things?

Not bad at all thanks! How about you guys?

Yes mate we’re well. Just struggling with the reality of Christmas being over and it being time to get back to work. So, first of all, we’re fairly well acquainted by now! But for any of our readers who don’t know, can you please introduce yourself, tell us a bit about the sort of sound you’re into and how you got into it?

Well I DJ in Newcastle under the name Acetate. As much as I love music I predominantly play dubstep and bass oriented music. When I was younger I was always into bands and hip hop artists but the idea of ‘dance music’ never interested me. When I went to high school I got introduced to dubstep through friends, older brothers, and people who were generally older than me. From that point on I’ve been completely hooked to the genre and that’s led on to me loving the kind of music I do now.

So then, what have you been up to in the last year or so since we last caught up? Played any sets of note or had any big records added to your already massive (in both meanings of the word) collection?

There’s been a fair few fun sets since the last time we spoke. Had the privilege of opening for Addison Groove recently which was a big thing for me as he’s a complete hero of mine. Played some really fun sets with Kré aswell, the most stand out ones for me being Kahn & Neek and Distance. The record collection is a never ending thing! But I’ve had a fair few rare dubstep bits added along the lines of Loefah -Woman/Midnight and a load of old DMZ bits as well. Too many to mention but really happy with them all. Along side those I’ve also been getting some of my favourite digital only releases cut to wax so now I can say I’m one of a very few people to have Plastician – Japan on vinyl. Spoke to him about it and he said he was cool with it which blew my head a little!

What are your thoughts on dubstep at the moment? Like everyone else, we’ve been frothing at the mouth over the latest stuff by Kahn, LAS, Commodo, and a few others: the sort of stuff that couldn’t really be classed as ‘post-dubstep’ or anything silly like that but which nonetheless is pushing the sound in new and exciting directions. What do you make of all this sort of stuff and who else is doing it for you in the scene at the moment?

I think to anyone who is still involved in the dubstep community knows that it’s basically moved underground again but depending on where you go it still has a massive following and the genre is sounding as good as ever. The people mentioned above are all pushing some incredible sounds, LAS being a really stand out producer. He makes some of the most backwards beats I’ve ever heard and for me he’s truly making dubstep still sound original. And it all sounds weighty as hell on a soundsystem just like dubstep should. If I had to pick out who I think is killing it most in the scene at the moment then I would have to say Gantz. The man is a complete and utter genius and he makes seriously innovative music.

Locally, too, we’ve seemingly got a lot of talent coming through. The Six Sunsets lads are paradoxically shite and talented, and there’s plenty of others who seem to be going places as well. What’s your thoughts on the local scene: both in terms of the DJs and producers we have coming through and in terms of the nights and promoters pushing grime, dubstep, and similar sounds?

Well as we all know Six Sunsets are incredibly shite but they do have a fair few bangers. I think Newcastle has a massive amount of talent when talking about that kind of music but unfortunately I don’t think people who have really put in the effort get to show it as much as they should. There are a couple of nights which are pushing these sounds and they are great nights but I don’t feel any of them quite compare to Exit. Those lads simply do not give a fuck. They put on who they want to see (which you’re guaranteed it will always be a good booking) and although their following is spot on I don’t feel they get the following they deserve. They are real promoters in it for nothing other than the music!

Do you have any more gigs in the pipeline to tell us about?

In all honesty no not really! I’ve kind of fell out of the playing out loop and became a full blown bedroom DJ. This is massively down to me not promoting myself though, I’m too lazy but when an opportunity pops up I’ll always take it.

As we’ve mentioned already, you’re record collection is the envy of many in the North East. We’ve spoke about this loads before of course, but just for the readers: what is it about records that makes you keep collecting and playing them, to the detriment of both your bank balance and your storage space?

People may envy it but it’s left me broke on way too many occasions! I never know where to start with this question but I think the most important thing for me is the idea of physically owning a piece of music. I can’t stand the idea of buying music on iTunes and getting a digital file, I feel like I’ve got absolutely nothing for my money. Then we’ve got the sound that comes with a record. Nothing will ever compare to that warm crackle that a record produces. I don’t think the debate over this will ever end but digital files sound too perfect. Finally the idea of mixing with records over anything else. Nothing feels as good as blending two records and making it sound good, I honestly believe it takes some real skill whereas doing it on any other medium is relatively simple.

Last one for this section. What’s been your favourite nights you’ve been to this year just as a punter? Any that stand out as special?

DMZ’s 10th birthday in Brixton was an awesome experience! Waking up in Islington in a random house in the height of summer stuck to a leather chair was not however!! Again a Bandulu takeover at Subdub was fairly mad. I’ve only been out a handful of times in Newcastle but my favourites were Audio Asylum with Romare B2B Dan Shake which was by far the best non dubstep set I’ve seen in a long time. You guys smashing the bar No.28 was 100% a highlight as well.

The questions we ask everyone…

(Very difficult one for you…) What’s the most prized vinyl in your collection?

Mala – Alicia (I sat and mulled this question over for a good hour or so)

What one tune would you have most liked to be a fly on the wall when it was being made?

Mums of Death – Golden Axe. Mumdance has the production side of things nailed!

What’s your food heaven and food hell?

Food heaven is peanut butter and food hell is coriander.

In a four way hell-in-a-cell battle to the death between Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon, who would win and why?

Sonic the Hedgehog. When he crouches down and spins he’s basically untouchable.

What one piece of advice would you give to anyone who wants to start DJing and/or making music?

I’d say the most important thing is to have fun!

And finally…

What’s the plans for 2016, what are you hoping to achieve by around this time next year?

Declare bankruptcy after spending every penny I have plus more on records. Other than that just keep my head down and keep on practising!

Of course, you’ve also provided us a stonking journey through your record collection. How did you go about putting this mix together for us?

Well ultimately it was always going to have to be a mix around the 140 region for this. I know Six Sunsets just put a ridiculous dubstep mix together for the last one so I figured I’d try and record something on the opposite end of the dubstep spectrum. For me this mix is actually a really good representation of what kind of music I like most, as much as I love all the classics I feel like this side of dubstep/bass music is often forgotten and it’s a shame.

Well, that’s everything pal. Once again, thanks for chatting to us, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all that! If you’ve got any final thoughts or shouts now is the time to get them in…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you guys! It’s been a pleasure as always! Just want to say big ups to Six Sunsets, big ups to the Exit crew and most of all big up my man and DJ partner in crime Kré!


Burial – Ghost hardware – HDB 004
Shackleton – You bring me – SKULL006
Sigha – Expansions – HFT004
2562 – Kameleon – TEC016
Untold & LV – Beacon – HEK007
Headhunter – Grounded – TEMPAGROUND
Pearson sound – Plsn – HES009
Peverelist – Junktion (shed remix) – TEC28
Pinch – Qawwali – ZIQ133
Appleblim & Peverelist – Circling – SKULL008
Throwing snow – Un vinght – HOTEP001
Maytyn – Broken – REVOLVER011
Ike release – Iridescent – INFRA12002
Pinch & loefah – Broken – TEC048
Joe – Claptrap – HES014
Mala – Calle f – BWOOD089
Ramadanman – Don’t change for me – HES012

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