#034 – Tyler

Continuing towards starting life at 40, we’re proud to bring you yet another mix from one of the rising drum and bass aficionados in Newcastle. Alongside Depth he had No. 28 (that’s right, the bar) rumbling like an earthquake at our 12 Hour 12 DJ event a little while ago, so much so that we had to invite both guys to do a mix for us, and now it’s the turn of Tyler. Seamlessly blended and sumptuously smooth liquid is the order of the day here, along with our usual philosophical posers about retro game characters and music production. Hope you enjoy the mix!

Easy Tyler, great to have you featured for a mix at last. How’s it going?

I’m great, Thanks! Happy to be part of this mix series and hope I can provide some good material for you!

As you know, our interviews aren’t what you could call normal. So can you kick us off by telling us what Pok√©mon you would choose to have a sidekick, if you could only pick one and no more?

Charizard! You should have asked Mytch this question he is totally a Jigglypuff sort of guy!

Now for the serious questions. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us what your favourite tune to come out in 2015 so far is?

Not really much to say, I’m just really passionate about music and hope that one day I could possibly provide people with some of my own tasty tuna. And that’s a really tough one but I’ll have to pick ‘For Your Love’ By Satl & Malaky.

Can you remember how you first got into drum and bass, and what made you want to stop just listening to it and get into mixing it as a DJ as well?

I never liked it too much at first but I did love the old Netsky and Pendulum bits. At the time I didn’t even know what genre it was. After getting it drilled into my head at Mytch’s old flat it grew on me and I wanted more involvement!

You first came to our attention a little while ago, when we asked you and Depth to join us to play the last set at our mammoth twelve hour live event. We were all mortal and tired by the time 2am rolled round, so how was the set and how do you feel like playing out – albeit in a bar not a club – is different from just mixing and messing around with friends at home?

It’s a lot more fun, I hope to do it again. Don’t care where, just need people who appreciate the vibes.

In getting into DJing, who would you say you’ve taken inspiration from? Anyone from the top DnB DJs or just people in the local scene? Who inspired you and continues to inspire you?

Mostly local talent such as yourselves, Chroma, Hosta etc. Seeing all you smash it out at various venues made me want to have a shot of it myself.

You’re too kind! What’s the plans for the next few months: are you going to be trying to play out more, getting a few more mixes out there and so on?

I’m gonna try play out more, I’m sick of doing Traktor based mixes and want more of the real deal. I’ll do a few more mixes for future uploads but not too many!

Any plans to get into production as well as DJing, and if so what sort of tunes do you see yourself wanting to make?

Yeah, I’m more interested in the Production side, I have produced a few tunes that I quite like so far. Nothing too special but hopefully if I progress nicely they could come around for completion one day in the future.

Now, we know you’re a part of the Tuna collective, some of which we’ve had guest mixes from in the past and many of which we know from nights out around Newcastle. Can you tell us a bit about Tuna, how did it get started and how long’s it been going for?

It’s been going for a couple years now, it was started up by Coalescent (Check him out!). It’s basically just a group for sharing the tunes your feeling and getting your mixes up, I think we plan just to keep it a small closed group.

We also know you’ve been what you could call a ‘foot soldier’ of drum and bass in Newcastle for the past few years. In your opinion, how has it changed and progressed (or not) in the time you’ve been into the sound and going out and listening to it?

I was looking at some of the old posters from years back and realised how much the scene in Newcastle is dying out. Some of the line ups were insane! It’s a shame.

Finally for this section, who’s doing it for you in the world of drum and bass at the moment, and is there anyone a bit more unnoticed that you would tip to go on to bigger and better things?

Future Ghost! (Burt Sale The Facebook Troll) He’s got some lovely tunes in the works.

The questions we ask everyone…

What is the most prized tune in your collection?

Commix – Be True.

What one tune would you have most liked to be a fly on the wall when it was being made?

Alix Perez – Forsaken, or any tune by Break haha!

What is your food heaven and food hell?

Heaven – Paella, and Hell? I eat anything.

In a four way hell-in-a-cell fight to the death between Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon, who would win and why?

Tricky one! I guess Super Mario, he’ll get them all boxed with them Magic Shrooms he’s packing.

What one piece of advice would you give to anyone who wants to get into DJing?

If you love music and you want to get people hyped, or just want to blend tunes at home for fun, JUST GO AND DO IT

And finally…

If we spin forward two years or so, lets say its summer 2017, what would you like to have achieved in that time?

Hopefully, I would like to have made a complete tune. Preferably a very well thought out liquid tune. Also my ability to be at full comfort with using turntables.

How did you go about putting this mix together for us?

Planned out some nice Liquid tunes to chill to and mixed them through Traktor, Would have loved to have used some CDJ’s or something to be honest, I find them a lot more fun to use.

That’s everything mate, nothing left to do now but say thanks for speaking to us, and if you’ve got any final thoughts or shout outs now is the time!

Thanks for featuring me on here lads! Hope everyone enjoys the mix, Shout out to all my Beezy’s, You know who you guys are! Not gonna name them individually because they’ll start moaning if they’re last on the list.


Bcee – Madness (feat. Robert Manos)
Lurch – Never Be Mine
Structure – Confidence
Jazzatron – Dot To Line
Nu:Logic & S.P.Y – Start Again
Dub FX – Flox (Bcee & Villem Remix)
Macca & Kreed – Walk With Me
Malaky & Satl – For Your Love
Calibre – Running
Maduk – Africa
Little Dragon – Twice (LSB Bootleg)
Pablo Nouvelle – You Don’t Understand (Calibre Remix)
Hosta – Feelin’ Blue (Macca Rework)
Dub Motion – Azure
A.I – What You Had (Lenzman Remix)
Hosta – Reminisce (Forthcoming on Fokuz)
Intelligent Manners – Everytime
Macca & Hosta – New Beginnings
Villem & McLeod – Another Star
Lenzman – Paper Faces (feat. Martyna Baker) (Ivy Lab Remix)
Lurch – What We Had
Nu:Logic – Everlasting Days (feat. Lifford)
Satl & Malaky – Tell Me
Bcee – Typical Description (Calibre Remix)
Zero T – Walk Away (Array Remix)
TC – Everything For A Reason (Ivy Lab Remix)
Malaky – No Time
Zoom – My Soul (Wreckage Machinery Remix)
Phase – I Mean It (feat. LaMeduza) (Vocals)
Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native
Document One – Follow Me
Lurch – I Can’t Lose You (L-Side Remix)
Technimatic – Perseverance (VIP)

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