#026 – Lukey B

Having breached a quarter century of guest mixes, we’re straight off into the next quarter with this mix and interview from adopted Geordie LUKEY B. His mix takes us on a journey through that dark, unsettling, gritty edge to drum and bass music before emerging out of the tunnel at the other end. In our interview we discuss barbecues and burgers as well as delving a bit into Lukey B’s origins. Enjoy.

File it under: Dark, unsettling drum and bass

For those who are unfamiliar, can you please introduce yourself and tell us whether or not you like vegetables?

I Can! My names Lukey B aka The Bizzle aka The Bizzler. I’m originally from Essex/London, but have been living in Newcastle for over 15 Years. I can confirm without question that I ‘Do Not’ like vegetables (unless in soup form).

Being a DJ, you play music. Can you tell us what sort of music you play and what we might hear in a typical Lukey B set?

My main focus when DJing is on Drum & Bass. I feel any D&B that has a deep, dark, edgy or overall nasty quality. A typical Lukey B set will incorporate all of these attributes, unless my mood states otherwise.

What was it about growing up that made you think I want to DJ drum and bass music?

Growing up was awesome! One of my mates older brothers had a set up in his bedroom. I would always watch in awe whenever I was there.. I suppose it was at that point I became aware I wanted to DJ Drum & Bass.

Can you remember your first set of decks? What were they like?

I was pretty lucky and dove straight in with Technics 1210s. They were my pride and joy, and still are. As soon as I got my first proper job it was the first thing I went out and purchased. That was 19 years ago now. Wow!

All of us go through a progress of clashing tunes together before we feel like we can mix. Was there ever a point, maybe a set you played, where you thought “I’ve finally got the hang of this mixing lark”?

From the very first day I got my decks DJing was all I did, day in and day out. Whenever I had time to practice I would lock myself away and practice, until the day when I thought “I’ve finally got the hang of this mixing lark”.

You’ve played out at most nights the North East has to offer: Turbulence, Grenade, Curves, the list goes on. How did you first get involved in playing at these nights?

I first started Djing at small nights that my friends were promoting. Nights like Calcutta and Backbreaker. It was these nights that helped me improve my live skills and build my confidence enough to work my way up to playing the more established nights like Turbulence, Curves and Grenade. I also believe knowing Dan Grenade (Grenade) & Simon Turner (Curves) was a massive help in becoming more involved in the Drum & Bass scene in Newcastle. Cheers Boys! d;-)

The next time we can catch you playing out is supporting the mighty DJ Hazard at WHQ. Are you looking forward to it, and what sort of set have you got lined up?

I am looking forward to it. It’ll be a treat to catch Hazard in action again, Its been a long time. I think I’ll be playing something deep and rolling. But I’ll have a stash of nastiness hidden away in case it calls for it. Always have a back up plan is the way I roll.

Tell us a funny or embarrassing story that’s happened to you while you’ve been out DJing…

I suppose you could say this was more of a memorable event than that of something that was funny or embarrassing, but during a set at the Cooperage some ‘lads’, shall we say, decided to climb up into the roof section of the club. While up there one of them fell through the ceiling, sending plaster board and rubble down onto the decks (which were mine) and bending the tone arm on one of the decks. Still has the scar on it to this day. “Nutters”.

Do you produce any of your own music?

Funnily enough I do actually have a Masters Degree in music production from Newcastle University. I have made tunes in the past but once I left University I got involved in work life and it kind of slipped into the background. Whenever I got any time for music it was DJing that I always wanted to do. I intend to reignite the production flame though, so watch this space I guess.

Now, we have it on good authority that you’ll jump on any excuse to have a barbecue. What constitutes the perfect barbecued burger? What flavours should it have and how should it be cooked?

Who doesn’t like a barbecue? My perfect burger would consist of Beef, Onion, Garlic, Pepper, Worcester Sauce and a pinch of salt and some high grade cheese. Topped with tomato, egg and bacon (tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable haha!). It should be cooked, but not over cooked. Barbecued and not incinerated.

Finally for this section, what other types of music do you listen to? And ever played or thought about playing any other types of set?

My music collection spans across many genres from D&B, Progressive House, Techno, Acid House and Breakbeat. I enjoy playing it all and have in the past played out at some Progressive House/Techno nights, but that was a long time ago now. These days I play those sorts of sets to reminisce rather than play out in a club. But learning to mix other genres of music is a great way of learning different mixing techniques that you can cross over from one genre to another.


Garlic or chilli?


Chocolate cookie or chocolate brownie?

Chocolate Brownie (Noms)

Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty?

You cant throw a curve ball like that…….. I love both. But I invest most of my time playing the online Call of Duty series (Add me – LukeyBee – Playstation)

Would you rather have your fingers constantly coated in the cheesy dust off a pack of Wotsits, or have an annoying fly constantly buzzing around your head?

Cheesy Dust.

What is your favourite kids TV program?

I loved Dungeons & Dragons.

Who is your all-time favourite producer?

Goldie – Metalheadz

What tune would you have most liked to be in the studio when it was getting made?

Timeless from Goldie’s Classic Album entitled Timeless. It literally is…….. Timeless!

And finally…

What do you do for a living?

I work with young adults and adults with various learning difficulties at Newcastle Colleges Learning Support Service.

What’s the best way, in your opinion, to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Haha… Well theres only one way really! The Simon Turner way! (RIP BIG MAN). His way of thinking involved taking over the whole of Byker Wall. He felt the Wall was the ideal solution if there was an apocalypse as it had a fort type quality about it and would hold up against anything the Zombies would throw at it. The other major benefit to his plan was that from the top of the Wall you can keep a look out across the whole of Newcastle. Awesome Plan!

And very, very lastly… tell us how you went about doing this mix for us

Haha. Well my laptop decided to die on me recently, so the first thing I had to do was purchase a new one. I then sorted out some tasty new tunes I wanted or had been after and then it was recording time. For this mix I decided to spend some time grouping tunes that I thought worked well together rather than just mixing on the fly. More thought was needed for this one. It was all recorded using 2x CDJ1000 Mk3s and Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you, merci, and vielen dank for speaking to us, that’s it. Before we get into the mix, now’s the time to send shout outs to friends, family, pets, aliens if you want to…

Big shouts to everyone who took the time to read this, All D&B heads, My friends & fam, Wor Lass and Uzi the prehistoric lizard. Oh and of course MASSIVE thanks to the OneHourOneDJ Boys for the chance to produce this mix for them. Thanks Guys! Big ups to Ruckuz, Spectra, Plus8, Phobia, the Tundra Boys, the One Hour One DJ Lads and anyone else i’ve not mentioned who belongs in this list that are doing their bit to keep the D&B scene alive. Without you guys promoting Drum & Bass nights across Newcastle, the scene wouldn’t be what it is today in Newcastle. Long Live D&B……….. That is all…

Souzou – Philth [Dispatch Recordings]
Raya VIP – Halogenix [Dispatch Recordings]
Minimal Funk VIP – Icicle [Shogun Audio]
Suddenly VIP – Nymfo [Commercial Suicide]
Audio Hypnosis VIP – Jade – Eat Brain [Free Download]
You Don’t – A Cray [Authentic Music]
Lef Dem feat Redders – Sam Binga & Redders [Critical Music]
Five Black Forms – Arp XP (Hybris Remix) [Authentic Music]
Slender – Enei [Critical Music]
Jupiter – K-Tee & Friction (Mefjus Remix) [Shogun Audio]
Uproot – Hybris [Dispatch Recordings]
Anxious – Icicle [Shogun Audio]
The Setup – Phace [Dispatch Recordings]
Sleep Talk – DLR [Shogun Audio]
Lost – Silent Witness [Dispatch Recordings]
Killing The Light feat Inne Eysermans – BSE (Icicle Remix) [Blackout Music]
Deadhouse – BSE & Jade (Inside Info & Mefjus Remix) [Blackout Music]
Sight Unseen – Optiv & CZA [Dispatch Recordings]
4th State feat Gusto – Gusto, Safire & Amoss (Icicle Remix) [Plasma Audio]
Snowflakes – Rawtekk Neuropop VIP [Medschool]

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