#023 – Kathryn Dodds

It’s time for mix #023, and this time we’re delighted to welcome local house DJ and Nebula co-runner KATHRYN DODDS to our happy family of guests. Conjuring images of both the warmth of the Balearic Islands and the depth of the Mediterranean Sea, Kathryn straddles the boundary of house and techno to take us on a pulsating voyage through her music collection. We hope you like this one as much as we do.

File it under: Warm Balearic Vibes

Good evening Kathryn, let’s begin by saying it’s a pleasure to have you featured on here. How’s it going?

Hey and it’s a pleasure to be chosen as a feature. I’m good thanks, really busy with gigs at the moment which is great.

To get us started, tell us a bit about yourself and what sort of music you’re into.

Well I’m 22, graduated from Uni with a law degree in July and been DJing for about 2 years (double life I know!) I’m into house of the underground variety, techno and a bit of disco!

Looking back a bit, what was it about house music that first caught your attention? Is there a moment you first remember hearing it and thinking ‘Crikey, I want to hear more of that’?

I’ve liked house music from an early age, albeit it was ‘Pacha classics’ style house when I was younger! Good Life is still an absolute tune though – can’t deny that!

The first time I heard underground house was my first visit to Sankeys in Manchester back in 2009. From the moment I walked in I remember thinking ‘this music is amazing.’ As cheesy as it sounds house music brings people together, makes people happy and keeps them dancing for hours. For me that was the moment I fell in love with the music I play now.

Who would you say are your biggest influences music wise, is there anyone inspirational who keeps you going?

I have so many influences, I’m inspired by anyone who works hard and is passionate in what they do. Being a girl, a lot of female DJs really inspire me. Dinky, Anja Schneider, Ellen Allien and Michelle Owen are all DJs that have really impressed me in the past and their productions are quality too.

Other major musical influences for me are the likes of Guy Gerber, Henrik Schwarz, Dixon, Derrick Carter, Deetron and Kerri Chandler. All absolute legends!

Over the last few months there’s been an explosion of gigs for you, in places all over the North East and beyond. Was there a point when you started to think I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed about, or have you not reached that point yet?

Ha yeah gigs have been crazy for me over the last few months. It’s a difficult one because since finishing Uni my life pretty much revolves around gigs and production. So in that sense yes I am doing what I have always dreamed about. It took a lot of balls for me to make the decision to not go down the graduate job route too, so I’m hoping the risk pays off.

However, there is still a long way to go until I’ll reach the point when I think I’m doing what I have always dreamed about. Don’t get me wrong when I play big gigs I literally have to pinch myself as I can’t believe its happening and I get so excited when I am confirmed on good line-ups. But I wouldn’t consider myself as doing what I have always dreamed about until I’m knocking out productions left, right and centre and making a successful career out of it all.

I’d like to think I’m building the foundations of the life I have dreamed of now. Luckily I really enjoy it all (or I wouldn’t be doing it) so I wouldn’t call it work!

Further afield, you’ve had sets in Manchester, Ibiza, and one of our favourite places in the world Prague. What was it like getting to take yourself off into Europe?

Prague and Ibiza were fantastic experiences, you meet so many amazing people and the crowd is also different to what you’re used to at home. Of course you get to do all the touristy stuff too! I love playing in Europe and I am looking forward to more gigs there next year.

Did you sample any of the local food in Prague? They’ve got some odd stuff over there…

They do have some very odd food over there! I remember eating a lot of meat dishes like goulash – hard luck if you’re a vegetarian out there! Oh and I obviously sampled a lot of the beer!

You’ve also cropped up on the bills of a few festivals in recent months. Where have you been to and is there anything you enjoy more or less about playing festivals?

I played at Evolution Festival in May and Parklife Festival in June. I was also supposed to be playing Vertigo Festival, Italy in August but the festival has been postponed to June 2014 so I wont be playing there until then. Ended up playing in Ibiza instead of Vertigo so it wasn’t all bad!

I love the atmosphere of festivals, everyone is always in such a good mood and there are so many different things going on. The crowd is always brilliant and it’s a great opportunity to meet lots of talented artists too.

As well as Vertigo I am also playing at MCR Festival next year and could potentially be playing another two big festivals but can’t say anything more just yet.

And closer to home, you’re of course a resident and co-runner of Nebula. How did you get involved with that?

I played for Nebula a couple of times before I became a resident there. I really like the vibe of Nebula, it attracts a class crowd and I have a lot of time for World Headquarters. They were a person short in the management so in May we had a business meeting and I became a co-runner and resident from there.

Aside from the DJ work, you’re also beginning to dabble in production. How’s that going so far?

It’s going okay there is A LOT to get your head around. It all overwhelms you at first but I am really enjoying it. I’ve just started a course at Newcastle College on music production so I’m hoping that will help me a lot.

Might we get to hear any new bits anytime soon?

I’ve almost finished my first song, it’s a Chicago old school deep house style track. Hoping to have that done in the next couple of months if all goes well. I’m a perfectionist so can spend so long tweaking every little thing!

We don’t often ask serious questions, but here’s one. As a woman who is making strides in an almost exclusively male-dominated industry, have you ever come across any problems or had any issues due to that fact?

I’m pleased you asked this actually. Generally speaking I don’t get any problems no, but I would be lying if I said that I never have problems. Not mentioning any names but there has been times when I turn up to a gig and you can see guys instantly dismiss you as a DJ because you’re a girl. Then when they hear that you can actually DJ they have a look of shock on their face. I get a lot of comments too, like “Oh you’re a girl and you can DJ.” Yeah, why does it matter if I’m a girl or not? To quote Darius Syrossian “You don’t need a dick to play records.”

On the whole though I like the fact it’s a male dominated industry as I think you can use it to your advantage. Being a girl definitely makes you stand out more.

Finally for this section, tell us briefly where we can catch you playing out over the next few weeks…


Confirmed gigs over the next month are:

05.10.2013 – Module at Digital
17.10.2013 – Hygge Sound with The Golden Boy at World Headquarters
19.10.2013 – Nebula at World Headquarters
01.11.2013 – Rub A Dub Dub with Julio Bashmore at Digital

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Chicken breast in a crusty baguette – can’t beat it!

Favourite Disney movie?

Has to be the Lion King.

Who would you rather share a room with, Sharon Osbourne or Ruby Wax?

Haha difficult one but I’d probably say Ruby Wax.

Would you rather be able to breath underwater or be able to turn anything you wanted into a bag of Jelly Babies?

Although I’d love to be able to turn someone I didn’t like into a jelly babies temporarily I think I would choose being able to breathe underwater. I love the sea, so it would be sick to go exploring if you could breathe underwater!

Give us one tune that you would have most wanted to be a fly on the wall when it was being made…

I’d probably go for Starblazer by Deetron because it’s a beautiful tune and all his productions are quality. I played Starblazer and Character, another Deetron track, in my mix actually.

And finally

Give us an indication of your ambitions for the next 48 months or so… is there anything you want to achieve, any targets you’ve set yourself?

I have quite a lot of goals over the next 2-3 years as its pretty much make or break time for me. The music production course I am doing at Newcastle College is two years, so by the end of that I am hoping to be at the standard where I am getting some tracks signed to labels. After three years I am aiming to be in the position to assess whether I have a realistic chance of making a career out of gigs and producing. If all goes well and I work hard enough then I’m hoping the answer will be yes to that! Gig wise there are so many places I want to play. I’m hoping to get some more national gigs over the next couple of years as the only national gigs I have played have been in the north. Also really want to play a club in Ibiza… Sankeys Ibiza or Space would be a dream come true for me!

Last of all, how did you go about putting this mix together for us?

When I put mixes together I always try to take the listener on a journey. So it starts off with some groovy tech house then goes into techno and ends on some pretty magical deep house/techno tracks. I always try to keep my mixes varied across the genres I play too. Some of the tracks are old and some new, just a true selection of the stuff I am playing out at the minute.

Now is the time to give a shout to friends, family, pets, or indeed anything or anyone you want…

Okay so firstly I’d like to give a shout out to my closest friends. As a group we go call ourselves ‘The Tribe,’ (don’t ask haha!) They really support my music and come to the majority of my gigs. So this is my way of showing my appreciation.

Next I’d like to give a shout out to the parents. My Mam bought me Ableton Live 9 as a graduation present which was pretty sweet of her! But on a serious note I wouldn’t have been able to go back to college if it wasn’t for their support. So huge thanks to the folks for everything that they do for me.

Finally I’d like to give a shout out to anyone who has told me they liked my set or liked a promo mix. Every little thing means a lot and its what keeps you going. I’d also like to give a shout out to all the other local DJs that keep you inspired, the house scene in Newcastle is so good right now!

Tanya – Nina Kraviz
Hey Girl – Samuel Dan
You’ve Got me – Ryan Crosson, Guti
Starblazer – Deetron
San Trope (Oxia Remix) – Mihalis Safras
Coming With Da Sounds (Yousef’s Chicago Beat) – DJ Sneak, Dirty Sneakers
The Regular – Quell
Gummosity – Mattias Fridell
Take Words In Return (C2 instrumental remix) – Henrik Schwarz
Character – Deetron
La Flaminia – Jorge Savoretti
Ordinary (Lake People’s Circle Motive Remix) – Kollektiv Turmstrasse

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