Treega – Nightcore EP

Words by Mat Taylor


The Dreamers





Screwfaces and snapbacks at the ready as Treega splatters breaks and rasping, raw noise all over your gleeful little faces. Dirty Boy is my standout track, partly because of the production and the way it’s staccato, fidgety rhythm puncuate that warm, round bassline but also the inspired use of a Pusha T sample just before the drop. Faro is bizzarre but brilliant. It’s dreamy but slightly off key melody is reminiscent of the likes of Bop and Silent Dust, perhaps earlier Rockwell stuff, too. This is far from a rehash of other styles, though. Treega has an unsettling but captivating sound that is unlike anything else I’ve heard. The teenager in me especially loves the title track which draws on early hardcore techno influences but keeps things loose enough to retain that inimitable funk that makes this music what it is. To put out a release of this quality at such an early stage in a producer’s career is incredible. I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

The NightCore E.P is available now.



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