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Here’s the first of what should hopefully be a regular series of mixes from When the site first started, the name made a little more sense as we would feature a mix and an interview with a new DJ every month. As things have progressed over the years, we’ve focused more on reviews, news and interviews with artists from different areas of the scene.

I won’t promise monthly instalments as we are down to a skeleton staff of well… me. Saying that, I do want to keep the content coming and with so much unbelievably good music around, it seems a shame to let things get missed because I haven’t had the time to write about them.

Here’s a very literally titled mix that includes some brand new music and one or two things that I might have missed from earlier in the year. My dayjob and various other things mean I often can’t update onehouronedj as much as I’d like, but as always I’d like to send a huge thankyou to everybody who sends music our way and to all those who visit the site. Your support is always appreciated.

For any labels or artists who would like to send us tracks for consideration, our email address is

I never write deliberately negative things for their own sake and I try as hard as possible to listen to everything that comes my way. Whether you’re a big label or a brand new producer, we’re always up for hearing new music.

Here’s the June 2018 edition of the OneHourOneDJ podcast with a brief description of each track.

Mat Ruckuz.


  1. Circuits – Drench

The new collaboration between Critical label boss Kasra and the formidable InsideInfo, Circuits takes the label’s well loved, trademark rolling sound and brings it up to date for 2018. This was really well received both on the dancefloor and in the various music charts. Hopefully we’ll hear more from these guys soon.

  1. Bredren – Hemlock

The Belgian trio return with their deep dungeon sound that is as foreboding as it is slick. I wrote a full review of this E.P the week it was released but it’s stayed on rotation since then. Bredren don’t release a tonne of music, but what they do put out is always of an outstanding quality.

  1. Klax – Phased Out

Brighton collective Klax are making waves with their polished sound and dancefloor friendly funk that is by turns, fun, energetic and impossibly infectious. This E.P has been extremely well received by pretty much every section of the scene and the cross appeal means it will remain in the boxes (physical and digital) of DJs for a while to come yet.

  1. Sl8r – Asterix

SL8R has been a regular at Drum and Bass events in Birmingham, Manchester and beyond for a while and his productions keep improving with every release. Full of energy but with an added dose of grit, his tracks are starting to develop their own, distinctive sound. Asterix is my personal favourite from the latest E.P on Delta 9 and has been on heavy rotation since it landed in the promo box last month.

  1. Maztek – Dis & Dat

Another artist who continues to push the boundaries of neuro production, Maztek comes with yet another fierce slab of noisy, grinding drum and bass that is horrifyingly good. Prepare to make that face you pull when tasting really good whisky or smelling astonishingly bad eggs.

Released on July the 9th on 0101 music, you can pre order this now.

  1. Signs – Savage

The clue’s in the title, really. Simplistic savagery from Signs and yet another great release from Trendkill Recordings and one of this diverse producer’s heaviest work to date.

  1. Mob Tactics – Dinosaur Rock

The Eatbrain train continues to rattle relentlessly through the drum and bass landscape, crushing naysayers and nonbelievers in its path. Mob tactics have nailed this hybrid jump up and neuro sound with Dinosaur Rock. Though its no Diplodocus, as far as reptilian themed dnb bangers go, you have to admit, it’s up there.

  1. 2Whales – Reptile

Evidently I continue to wander down this lizard lined path subconsciously and followed one destructive dinosaur flavoured destroyer with another. Red Light Records come with the virus and Cause 4 Concern flavoured sounds on this simple but effective head nodder.

  1. Current Value – Tilt

The bionic overlord and living, sentient algorithm returns with another fierce tech/jump up hybrid. A lot of these tunes have been splitting opinions, especially among fans of his older work, but I can’t get enough of this super clean, super loud sound.

  1. Kink and Snare – Conflux

Wigan’s Kink and Snare, the newest signings to Manchester’s Exe recordings absolutely smashed it with this release. Having played this monster of a tune out a few times already, I can attest to its popularity with pretty much everybody. Prepare to pull up.

  1. KarmasynK – Enemies of the Order

Another of C4C recording’s latest discoveries, Karmasynk are new to me but after hearing this track, I’ll definitely seek out more. The kind of techno drum and bass that doesn’t hold anything back. It’s not subtle or especially clever, but it will move a crowd for sure.

  1. Klax & Kyrist – Regulus

The Brighton collective collaborate with the golden girl of Drum and Bass. As this track demonstrates, seemingly everything she touches turns in to absolute fire at the moment. Unique, really unusual and absolutely banging. My favourite track from this E.P by a long way.

  1. MVRK – Dots

This complex, stuttering bass assault comes to us courtesy of Pseudoscience recordings and has the kind of razor sharp percussion that cuts through the low end like a katana. Blending the fine line between chaotic, broken beats and rolling dancefloor funk, MVRK has managed to balance this tune perfectly.

  1. Frame – Primitive Jungle

I have a soft spot for this label. The Dreamers Recordings puts out some of the most interesting, unusual drum and bass music around and Frame’s Primitive Jungle is no different. This is somewhere between new-style, genre resistant bass music and classic amen driven drum and bass madness. Excellent.

  1. Arkitech – One To Be Feared

This is a moody bastard of a tune that will darken the atmosphere nicely anywhere it’s played. The sample is certainly what makes it but the huge sub and kick drum combo that dominates most of the mix is excellent as well. If you need to terrify a crowd of students or just upset your neighbours for playing Ed Sheran, this is one for you.

  1. Kusp – Shadowed

Half time rudeness that would make even the baddest of men blush. Raspy, round bass stabs and screwface inducing swagger by the bucketload.

  1. Dub Phizix – Get Fresh

Has Dub Phizix ever made a shit tune? I’ve yet to hear one if he has. At this point he seems to be focusing on half time beats that sound closer to big budget hiphop production rather than anything to do with dnb. However you want to categorise this, it works brilliantly and there’s a nice little collection building up on Senkasonic via the quintessentially northern Ohm Grown series.

  1. Itti – Djembe

Using the drum sound mentioned in the title, Itti has created a phenomenally atmospheric piece of music here. Though probably not everybody’s favourite dancefloor sound, this is the kind of thoughtful, emotive drum and bass that evokes rainy cityscapes and deserted industrial sites at dusk.

  1. Bredren – City Clan

The title track from Bredren’s exceptional City Clan E.P. This is the definition of a “grower” for me. On first hearing it, I wasn’t really that taken but as time has passed I’ve started to love it. Slow and moody with bags of bass and the addition of those bleeps is a perfect finishing touch.

  1. John Rolodex – DreamCypher (Drumliar rmx)

The original DreamCypher was some of John Rolodex’s best work for years and this remix E.P takes things in a different direction again. DrumLiar has emphasized the tense, oppressive atmosphere of the original track and kept that half time, menacing vibes very much in tact.

  1. SD – Cold Blade

A fantastic E.P on the always underrated Commercial Suicide recordings. Every track on this release is brilliant but the air raid siren intro and rolling bassline of Cold Blade will go down well almost anywhere. SD’s music has that indescribable quality that makes him perfect for this label. Although you can definitely dance your arse off to this, it’s not “normal” drum and bass by any means.

  1. MISO – Lost Frequency

Proving he’s not all about the face melters, Miso comes with an understated, dark little number that shows his ability to turn his hand to any style he feels like.

  1. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics – Hypnosis (Original)

This is one of my absolute favourite tracks at the moment. North West duo Optimal Prime and Mavamatics have created the kind of earworm that burrows its way in to your brain and refuses to leave. By the time you’ve heard more than 30 seconds of this, said worm will have laid eggs in your frontal cortex and this tune will become part of your genetic make up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Circuits – Coming Through

Another track from Circuits that shows what happens when two of the scenes most well respected producers decide to work together.

  1. Malux – Glue Worm

Malux has been popping up a lot recently and for those who like it hard, he’s always a safe bet. This is a particularly heavy neuro tune that shows off his skills pretty well. It’s not his best in my opinion, but its still an absolute beast.

  1. Dieselboy + Counterstrike + Mark The Beast – Stagediver

The USA and South Africa come together in an almighty collision of heavy metal and big, noisy dancefloor drum and bass. Not as hard as either Counterstrike’s early work or Dieselboy’s releases on Barcode, but definitely still packs enough of a punch to go down well at a hard dnb or breakcore event.

  1. Current Value – Kaleidoscope

I might have mentioned it once or twice in the past, but I’m quite keen on the music Current Value makes. At this point any further praise feels almost unnecessary, but I will say this is one of the best tunes he’s put out this year.

  1. Agressor Bunx – F#cking Finger

Bunx has been killing it for the past few years and Fucking Finger is the kind of no nonsense, bouncy dancefloor madness that has made him so popular. We’ve heard this kind of thing from him before but who cares, its the kind of dancefloor drum and bass that can’t be ignored.

  1. Emperor – Haste (Phace Remix)

Phace on the remix for Emperor, making an even bigger noise than Leeds’ own technical wizard himself. This is a dancefloor anthem, even though it’s essentially a very well arranged collection of atonal, angular noises that are designed to make your last meal exit your body through the nearest opening.

  1. The Prophecy & Kodin – Agastopia

Two rising stars from Optiv’s “presents” series. These have all been excellent and though the sound can be a little predictable, if you love that hard, rolling tech drum and bass sound as much as I do, you will need to grab everything that’s come out on this imprint this year.


Searing hot metal being pounded by hammers the size of planets in this incredible heavy hitter from Tech Itch Recording’s Centaspike. If you like this sound, the whole album is worth buying and plays like a carefully thought out, well considered piece of work. It even has samples from Big Trouble in Little China in there. What more could you possibly want?


Another from Centaspike, this time sampling everybody’s favourite hiphop dads the WuTang Clan. Big, boisterous and ruder than a privately educated cabinet minister with no grasp of the concept of consent. The mixdown on this tune could have been better in my opinion, but it still bangs hard enough to make it worth playing when you can.

  1. Current Value – Consequences

The Consequences E.P continue’s Value’s unstoppable reign of terror and though some of the tracks on there do sound pretty similar to some of the things on his latest album, Consequences reminds us why we love this producer as much as we do. Chaotic, broken and flawlessly mixed, this is old skool style Value with all the weird edits, galloping kick drums and machine noise that we adore him for.

  1. Balatron – Straight Thuggin

This has been out a little while now but it’s truly ridiculous. Essentially a hiphop tune with kicks and snares the size of skyscrapers, Balatron makes music that sounds like nobody else I can think of. Yes, Donny, Forbidden Society and many others have all made half time tunes that are heavier than hell, but so far none of them have ever sounded so close to actual hiphop that Pusha T wouldn’t seem out of place if he started spitting over them at any moment.

  1. Woulg – Time Dilation

Not drum and bass, but brilliant in every way. This is a strange and haunting E.P that has kept me intrigued for the last month or two and is available soon from the mighty Methlab recordings. Woulg make experimental music that almost defies categorisation and this noisy, enigmatic production seemed like the perfect way to end this first podcast.



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