Mindscape – Reanimator Chapter 1

Words by Mat Taylor







Mindscape return with a diverse four tracker that will split the crowd. The heavy hitting manbearpig is the track everybody’s talking about. A hulking, brick shithouse of a tune that continues Neurofunk’s seemingly unstoppable flirtation with the simple but effective jump up formula. If you haven’t heard this yet, you will. I guarantee it.  It’s the kind of tune that people who’ve just discovered this music will adore & whether you like this sound or not, you can’t deny that it’s devastatingly effective on dancefloors.

My personal favourite from this release is the savage roller, Friend or Foe. Like most of the material from the incredible Martian Chronicles album, this is like Virus recordings in the 90s, had it been made with today’s technology. It’s not especially unusual but Mindscape have the ability to absolutely nail it when it comes to making dancefloor driven drum & bass that won’t activate your cringe reflex.

Shutdown is more neuro goodness that leads with some of Coppa’s ragga style vocals. Reeking of early renegade hardware & ferocious enough to sit comfortably alongside practically any other tune in this sub genre, this will be a firm favourite amongst old skool heads and those who appreciate minimal, rolling, dancefloor drum and bass. This one is likely to pop up again in a few years time when you thought you’d forgotten about it. It’s one of “those” tunes.

Deep Void is my least favourite but that’s just a personal taste thing, Coppa is without doubt a talented MC and as I’ve said in the past, pretty under rated, this just didn’t grab me like the other tracks did.

Man Bear Pig is released on the 11th of December and Friend or Foe will be available on the 25th of December.



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