Mampi Swift – The One (2018 Remaster and Inside Info Remix)

Words by Mat Taylor







Drum and Bass is more than two decades old now and the genre continues to produce the kind of era defining classics that pick up new fans every year. The original version of Mampi Swift’s simple but devastating “The One” will be older than some of our readers, yet you still hear it getting played out in clubs and parties across the whole spectrum. The remastered version is simply an update that allows this absolute monster of a tune to sit more comfortably against modern productions. Whether your old vinyl copy is so battered it won’t play any more (ahem…) or you just want to grab a slice of drum and bass history, this is definitely worth picking up. In my opinion, this is among one of the genre defining classics. Up there with True Romance, Sidewinder, Planet Dust and Silver Blade. If you’ve never heard it, prepare to meet your new earworm for the next few weeks, if you have, you don’t need me to tell you anything else.

Remixing certain tunes is a dangerous thing to do for a lot of artists. The underground part of our scene is famously unforgiving and rightly protective of it’s most treasured music. A bad remix can feel as lifeless and painful to listen to as an acoustic cover version of a classic hiphop tune or one of those of warbling, breathless advert songs they use to try and make you spend all your money at Christmas. Inside Info have absolutely nailed this, though. The simplicity of that droning bassline still dominates but it has a more jaged, rasping sound than the original. There’s also some augmentation at the end of each bar that make it feel less repetitive much closer to the modern, rolling neuro/jump up sound. There’s very little to criticise here and though some purists will still balk at the idea of something so precious being interpreted in a modern way, like dark chocolate in a chili or grapefruit flavour in beer, sometimes progress gives us great things.

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