EXE Exclusive from Kink and Snare

Words by Mat Taylor

To celebrate their third release, Manchester’s EXE recordings have given us the exclusive on one of the tracks from the forthcoming Mech E.P by newcomers Kink and Snare. 

Conflux is a raw, searing track that balances neuro noise with dancefloor energy. Fans of Eatbrain, Methlab, Bad Taste, Prspct and C4C will love this. It has all the grit and fuck you swagger you would expect from a young production partnership and thanks to the considerable talents of Wigan based Kink and Snare (Jordan and Ryan) it also has the kind of polish and finesse you would expect from some of the best artists in the business.

The savage and uncompromising Conflux mixes dancefloor energy with laser guided alien weaponry to create something terrifyingly brutal that’s also infectious enough to snap your neck as you listen to it.

The label is already shaping up nicely with releases from Gore Tech and Aaron Spectre but this E.P takes things in a different direction. Kink and Snare are relative newcomers to the scene but thanks to their own impressive studio skills and the critical ear of Aaron Spectre on the mixdown, these tracks have all the weight and clarity of the most seasoned and well established producers.

With the energy and infectious simplicity of a jump up track, this neuro assault will have you gritting your teeth in delight like a Slayer fan hearing Raining Blood.

The overall theme of the E.P is definitely in keeping with EXE’s dystopian scifi aesthetic, with artwork featuring a custom built 3D printed model robot adorned with the label’s logo. Mech will be available as a digital download from www.exe-project.com very soon.




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