Etherwood ft. Anile – Bear’s Breeches

Words by Mat Taylor







As one of the most popular producers of liquid & melodic drum & bass, Etherwood has already established himself as one of the major players in that section of the scene. Anile is also known for his love of this sound but frequently shows his darker side, too. Bear’s Breeches is the kind of dramatic, melancholy and almost cinematic sound that fills stadium sized arenas across the world. It’s not something I would personally play, but there’s not much you can criticise here. The electric guitar melody is a little too much for me and takes us in to the realms of proggy noodling but if you like what either of these two producers have done so far, you will love this.

With this style of drum and bass, it’s not all about manipulating and torturing sounds to within an inch of their lives, it’s about sounding as natural and organic as possible and in this respect, the tune works beautifully. Warm bass combined with the kind of arresting, poignant melodies these two are now well known for make this a slick and very neat piece of work.



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