Dioptrics – Next Level EP

Words by Mat Taylor


Machinist Music





Dioptrics is a name I had never heard until this excellent E.P landed in our inbox a while ago.With releases on interface recordings, abducted records and the hallowed DSIC4, I’m not sure how that happened. I guess there’s just so much of this music around that you just can’t get to everything.

There’s something about this raw, rough sound that I can’t get enough of. From the angular, clanking drums and squelching bass of Riven to the rising lo fi doom of Blinded, there’s more than enough here to justify you picking up this whole collection. Though the production here might not have the borderline psychotic attention to detail that some producers use, every tune has that indescribable formula that sucks you in and won’t let go.

My standout tune from this release has to be Escape. I haven’t heard music like this since pre 2000 East Side Records. There’s barely anything to it, just a raw, one note bassline and snappy, simple drums but it has the kind of atmosphere that takes you back to the days of big puffa jackets, smoking indoors and raves where you should probably avoid making eye contact with half of the crowd. I can imagine this working in pretty much any club or party, which is a rare thing these days. It’s not so hard that it will kill the vibe of a liquid night but it has enough power and swagger to be mixed with most styles really effectively.

For DJs, this is a great purchase and the kind of E.P that you go back to a few years later, only to surprise yourself with a little gem of a tune that you thought you had forgotten about. We know this music can be very disposable and I can’t imagine people other than hardcore drum and bass fans sitting down to listen to this at home, but as tunes to drop in for a couple of minutes or bridge the gap between styles, this collection of rollers, steppers and neck breaking head nodders will fit in pretty much any set you have mind.

This excellent E.P is available now, courtesy of John Rolodex and his Machinist Music label.



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