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Somebody like Digital needs no introduction. As an artist and a DJ he’s been at the centre of the underground drum and bass scene since its inception. Now he’s back with an album and as you might expect, it’s not one to be missed.

The title track, Total Control was the tune that grabbed me first. It’s old skool “control your fantasy” samples and absolutely savage break pattern create the kind of militant, heads down stomp vibe that Amit does so well on tracks like Swastika and Second Cut. That’s not to say this sounds like anybody else, though. Digital has a very particular sound that is almost instantly recognisable if you’ve been in to this music for a while. The busy, insanely funky breaks and window rattling sub bass that have become his trademark mean that even on lighter tracks like Friendly Fire, that relentless jungle energy is always present.

I have to give an honourable mention to Another Bline, which absolutely opitomises the Digital Sound for me. It is raw, incredibly heavy but also has the reggae flavoured musicality that set his tunes apart from so many others. Motherland also draws on the dub heritage with some floating vocal samples, delayed and echoed to perfection in order to compliment the crisp, expertly programmed drums.

Overall, there’s a lot to keep you interested here and even if this style of dnb isn’t your favourite, the quality and diversity of the tracks means you’re sure to find something to suit you. Whether its the very literally titled “to meeeeee” featuring Total Science or the half time brutality of “Lazarus” featuring Nomine and Flava, this is an album that demonstrates Digital’s ability to turn his hand to any style of drum and bass he feels like.

The Total Control LP is available now.



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