Current Value – Dead Communication/Heli Aggression

Words by Mat Taylor







Current Value is about to release his album Deadly Weapons on Noisia’s Invisible label. You already know what to expect and if you’re anything like me, you’re extremely excited. This sampler gives us two more digital delicacies that will leave you breathless. Almost the polar opposite of his raw and experimental album on Position Chrome, this is an exercise in subtle production wizardry that rivals even the Dutch masters themselves.

Unlike the jump up style madness of the last release, these two tracks are more familiar technoid dnb excellence. Dead communication starts with an ethereal introduction before the weird, out of time rumble of the bassline & the unusual, half time beat kicks in. The second drop takes things back up to standard 170+ territory but whatever production black magic has been used here makes this a truly unique piece of music. The whole thing sounds like it’s being juggled between two decks by an adept hiphop DJ. How you would even begin to do such a thing is beyond a non producer like me.

Heli Aggression is like a progression from last years album but also has some of those unashamed jump up flavours that will no doubt divide opinions. This is a noisy, brutally loud track that will horrify some but enrapture others. Structurally very simple but full of clever production tricks, this is the sound of malevolent machinery having a secret rave in a factory, long after the humans have gone home. This is so vicious but the mix down has been approached with such care and attention to detail, even if you don’t like this sound, its hard not to be impressed.

This part of the LP sampler is available to buy now but the full album drops on the 22nd of December.



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