Cooh and L33 – Broken/PowerSource

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Cooh is well known across Europe as one of the dark overlords of the hard drum and bass sound. Able to turn his hand to techno influenced relentlessness, screaming breakbeat terrorism and of course, half speed skull crackers that can knock the wind out of you on the right system, he’s a producer who has most definitely earned his place among some of the scenes favorites. This release sees him teaming up with L33 to create two very different but equally formidable tracks.

Power Source has that huge, full sound that labels like Eatbrain and Methlab have been championing for a while. L33’s precision mixed with Cooh’s ability to make terrifying noise means this is a well balanced, peak time tune that is equal parts party and destruction. Reminiscent of Crank by Noisia and a whole host of other tunes, we know this isn’t going to reinvent the genre as we know it, but I’d put money on this causing dancefloor chaos wherever it gets played.

Broken is my favorite of the two tracks by far. It’s a stripped back, funky version of the insane machine music that defined the later renegade hardware, early offkey and position chrome sound. There’s definitely techno influences here, but it feels like it flows more organically and has a little more space than some of the more relentless productions in this style. Depending on how manic you like your techno dnb to be, this could be absolutely perfect for you or it may fall just short of the mark. Personally, I think it has all the funk and grunt you need from a neuro tune with the added bonus of that militant, early techno sound. Dancefloor friendly and fun to mix with, this is a fine return to form from Cooh and further evidence that L33 is a growing force to be reckoned with.

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