Audeka – Engine Block EP

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Music created to reflect concepts is difficult, as many long standing fans of Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind and Brian Eno will tell you, but Audekka have thankfully avoided any navel gazing cliches with their excellent new E.P.

Engine Block was written to reflect the workings of the internal combustion engine. The thing that makes cars go. I admit, I didn’t have high hopes when I hit play for the first time as so many electronic artists have fallen in to a deep, unforgiving pit of self indulgence while trying to make something both artistically challenging and enjoyable to listen to. Though it certainly won’t be for everybody, this six tracker is sonically formidable, extremely well produced and there are even one or two tunes you could play out in the club.

Direct Injection is my stand out track and it’s clanking, piston driven funk causes carnage on dancefloors at the harder end of the spectrum. I recently dropped this in the middle of a set between two old offkey records and it went down an absolute storm. Compression Ratio is similarly dancefloor friendly, though be warned, any semblance of melody or traditional jungle ethics are nowhere in sight. This track also features an impressive 360 degree video that’s every bit as abstract and industrial as you imagine. This is unashamed machine music for those who enjoy the experimental side of drum and bass, dubstep and electronica.

Torque Limit and Intake Manifold have that slow, earth shattering 140bpm ferocity that Broken Note and Machinecode were making at the turn of the decade but the textured ambient sounds and contrast between the beat driven sections of the track and the long, sparce, ambient sections elevate them to so much more than just another noisy banger to frighten the Excision & Skrillex fans. Overall, this is an E.P that deliberately pushes the listener to the threshold of their comfort zone without straying in to the bewildering world of noise and power electronics. Closing track Dark Energy, which features Rawtek, is an unusual but enticing mix of experimental ambiance, haunting vocals and blunt, angular noise. As regular readers will know, I’m extremely hard to please when it comes to vocal tracks but as something I would listen to while browsing black and white photographs of deserted industrial landscapes, this is as close to perfect as its possible to get.

Engine Block is available from February 1st 2018

If you can’t wait that long, Direct Injection and Dark Energy are available now.



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